Project News

Buttercup Restaurant Opens

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Buttercup Restaurant located in Natick Center, MA opened 04/18.   This contemporary farm to table restaurant serves 100 guests with various seating areas and outdoor dining


NACA, Jackson Square, Opens

NACA-Mezzanine Stair

NACA, Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, is relocating their corporate offices to Jackson Square, Roxbury, MA.  This project transforms a former planned retail space with 22 foot high ceilings into an office use with an inserted mezzanine level.  The office will reflect a modern industrial feeling by leaving the existing piping, ductwork, etc. exposed.  The program… Read more »


Infill Development


Massachusetts’s housing supply is not meeting demand.  One solution is infill development. With thoughtful design strategies, new development can be integrated into existing neighborhood fabric with respect to block patterns, scale, building features, landscaping and other characteristics.  Mixing housing with office, retail and restaurant uses allows for compact, efficient land use with opportunities for short… Read more »